Windows Mobile Application

Windows Mobile OS is an automatic choice when it comes to business users who prefer smartphones to meet their business requirements. Being a popular OS of choice in desktop computers, users find it infinitely easier to adapt to the version designed for use on smartphones. Easy synchronization with the PC is a major feature with the Windows OS and it provides an exact similar experience as a desktop PC. The compact version presents an operating system interface that incorporates a basic applications suite that has extensive compatibility across almost all the versions of the Windows Mobile for pocket PCs as well as for smart phones.

Solutions successfully developed by us include:

  • Data-Sync Application on Win CE
  • Application Launcher development on POCKET PC 2002
  • SMS and MMS Client on POCKET PC 2002
  • Wireless Communications STACK which supports File, DB transfer and message broadcast
  • Retail Chain management system for PPC and sync with Desktop Apps.
  • Secure SMS Send and Receive for Smartphone 2000
  • Unified messaging system for POCKET PC 2003 and Smartphone with PC and Symbian Phones.
  • Smartphone and PPC based LBS Systems

Windows Mobile application development is a lucrative arena and when optimally leveraged can extend the capabilities of the common mobile phone. Even after the inception of capable rivals, Windows still holds its ground and features in the list of most popular cellular phones OS's. Windows is one of the most popular business phone OS preferred by users now a days owing to the kind of office applications embedded in it and data and information users have on their mobile hand helds and pocket PCs.

Windows Mobile is a compact OS combined with basic applications for mobile devices based on Microsoft Win32 API. Portable Media Centers, Smartphones, Pocket PCs & on board computers for automobiles run the Windows Mobile operating system.