Symbian Application

The wireless and cellular domain has seen the rise and fall of many an operating system that promised never seen before levels of user satisfaction and innovation. Between all this chaos the one OS that has stood its ground is the Symbian OS. Symbian is extensively popular owing to its pre-emptive multitasking and memory protection features similar to those created for desktop systems. The three basic principles of which the Symbian OS has been conceptualized include the prime importance attributed to the integrity and security of user data, importance of user time and optimum utilization of resources. Symbian application development has leveraged these features and has conceived a slew of applications that revolutionize the user's cellular experience.

Symbian is an OS that has evolved based on the careful analysis of user requirement patterns and future modifications. The OS is optimized for low-power battery-based devices and for ROM based systems. Symbian application development and the OS itself are based on and follow an object oriented design. With special focus on conservation of resources through innovative initiatives like descriptors and a clean up stack, Symbian is optimally suited to the present cellular scenario. Event based programming and an effective power consumption scheme allow Symbian application development to thrive on and develop cutting edge solutions that benefit all segments and domains of the industry. In Symbian based Phones Nokia Series 60 edition phones are the most widely used phones.