Blackberry/RIM Application

The BlackBerry cellular handset is a legend in itself. It is one of the foremost products developed by Research In Motion (RIM) and has evolved with time to consistently maintain its appeal with the business community. It has transformed into an almost indispensable entity for major corporate networks including IT, financial, travel and government networks. The basic reason why BlackBerry handsets became a regular feature with the corporate community was due to the swift access that they provided to email. The major feature in Blackberry platform is Real time Live Push alerts & its Browser based rich internet architecture. With the swiftly changing times, the possibilities for BlackBerry have also multiplied which has spurred BlackBerry application development leading to the development of myriad solutions that augment the overall business experience for the users.

BlackBerry smartphones, which are a common feature today, are integrated with software that provides access to a variety of data and communication services. Email, phone, organizer, applications, games, the internet, a multi-media player and a camera are some of the cutting-edge features packaged into a sleek BlackBerry handset.

With an inherent ability to support leading enterprise email platforms and customization options, the BlackBerry handset is ideal for a person or an enterprise in any scale or industry.