Android Application

Android application development has been imbibed as a core technology by us and special focus has been granted towards garnering and honing skills and talent pertaining to the Android technology. With an increasing number of Android compatible phones being launched into the global market, the potential for Android application development is limited only by the boundaries of human imagination. And with the future holding the promise that Android might make it to desktops someday, every avenue about this novel concept from Google seems to be lucrative and bright. Once Android makes it to the desktop and is deemed worthy the possibilities could be limitless. With the feature rich OS already making a mark on handheld cellular device, its inception into the desktop segment could be nothing short of a revolution with paradigms being reset and conventional levels of user interactivity experience thrown out of the window.

Our expertise lies in Android Application Development and Android mobile application development.

  • Operating environment: - Windows XP/Vista
  • Version of the software: - Android SDK 1.5 and above.
  • Android application development tools etc...:- Eclipse IDE, Android Plug-in.
  • Versions and names of every tool that is used in Android application development:- Eclipse 3.4 or above, Plug-in 0.9.4 or above.

With a dedicated team of Google Android application developers skilled in developing exemplary solutions for all your Android application development needs, we are professional Android application development services provider of your choice.