Projects (B2B Travel Portal)


A reputed travel agency in Mumbai with no IT support wanted to better use the licenses it had from multiple hotel consolidators. We suggested creating a platform for offering these products and services to other business partners and corporate clients through a single web interface. The challenge here was to consolidate the data from all the vendors for uniqueness, send search requests to all and pick the vendor with the best rate for a product.


Based on “Abstraction” design principle, we create a backend system which abstracted the products and services and then created plug-n-play xml-integration libraries for each vendor. This not only decoupled the implementation, but also sped up future integration activities for other vendors. The requirement to pick the product with the best rate was achieved by first mapping data from all the vendors into a common database using proprietary tools and then by designing the algorithm working within the performance parameters.

Elevate Learning K12 Portal


Elevate learning is a leading provider of personalized online tutoring in an engaging and interactive environment. With multiple school programs and increasing number of students signing up for the program, operations and tuition delivery could no longer be isolated. An online “Learning Management System” was required to address this technology gap.


This engagement was from requirement gathering to prototyping to implementation. We tested multiple whiteboard providers which could integrate with the core LMS and provide scheduling and whiteboard capabilities. With over 500 tutoring and quiz sessions to manage a day, we created specific services to handle the scheduling providing major performance gains. The system also has quiz creation and delivery interface with web based scribble pad and recording options. Rubric and other comprehensive teacher and management reports were made available in the system as well.

NextRound Solutions – Startup


NextRound Solutions web-based system allows a candidate to complete the interview process remotely through secure video timed responses provided by the recruiter. Recruiters can then review the video responses anywhere and anytime through a number of channels and have their opinions on the candidate noted and persisted through NextRounds’ proprietary candidate management system. In essence, employers can ‘interview’ more candidates increasing the chance for candidates to get hired.


We worked with the founders to not only provide the software implementation for the system but also filled in the gaps in some of the business process. Multiple prototypes were developed and iterated before delivery. With a startup engagement, we host the system during development and beyond delivery. The system was eventually migrated to Amazon cloud servers.