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Technology at work for you

Over the last decade, paper has transitioned from being the unchallenged archive medium for permanent records of scientific experimentation, to becoming a temporary medium for print-outs as convenient, portable and odd notes. ELN is progressively taking over the role of preferred system for formal record keeping. eLabNotes ™ is our flagship Electronic Lab Notebook product for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The product not only provides an alternate to paper based lab notebooks, it also integrates with various organization disciplines to provide a seamless product.

  1. Lightweight browser based notebook.
  2. Multi-disciplines product for API, Formulations, Chemical Formulations and Analysis
  3. Flexible and convenient experiment editor.
  4. Defined roles and interfaces for scientists, analysts, administrator, management, and stock manager.
  5. Workflow and collaboration through multi-author and share options.
  6. Productivity features like templates, inventory and cloning.
  7. Powerful deep search capabilities with structure search.

Key Features

  1. Flexible Experiment Editor
  2. Experiment Templates
  3. Multi-step Experiments
  4. Notebook Library
  5. Process Monitoring/ Workflow
  6. Collaboration
  7. Project Management
  8. Inventory Management
  9. Stability Studies

User Profiles

Define groups and assign group leaders. Group leader can view the status of the various projects under his group and also add data to the experiments if required.

Project leader can define and manage project stages like Planning, Procurement, Reaction, Scale up and Production. He can add users who will work in a project and within each stage of the project to restrict data access as required.

Scientist can record experiment data, create process monitoring tables, submit samples for analysis, send experiment for approvals and search for experiments which are accessible to him.

Analyst will be able to view the analysis requests that are sent by the scientists and can create flexible reports by adding rich text, attaching documents, images and analysis data.

Store manager will be able to manage the inventory of chemicals and compounds. He can create stock records and assign the material released, to the projects via the material requests.

A key role in user and licensing management. He will also be able to define groups and projects in the organization before project leaders can take over the project.